Re: [Circle] (Circle)(newbie) Combat crash bug

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/31/96

> I've been coming across an intermidant crash bug in the combat system for a
> while now, I've gotten it narrowed down to one circumtance but cannot find a
> solution.
> Basically, whenever the mob you're fighting goes below 0 hp but is not dead
> yet, the mud crashes.
> I have enabled multi attacks, but included the code to make sure you are
> still fighting before doing the hit, I have also put in a mob condition to
> the prompt similar to that in Stroms Lostlands code, but the bug predates
> the addition of the prompt code so I do not believe it is the cause.
> Has anyone else encountered this, or knows of it; if so, how is it fixed?
> Thanks for any help.

  Okay, I have seen a bug similiar to one you are describing when the 
die() function was being called more than once on the same target, check 
to see if that is the case, you might be calling it in the update 
position function as well as in damage.


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