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Date: 08/20/96

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<< 4) Remove the level system. Would you actually walk out in the streets
 asking what level people are? I doubt it. Instead, introduce a better
 skill system. That way, players still have goals to set... learning more
 and more spells/skills, advancing in their profession. >>

Well, I do agree with this... <mostly> ...each class having a certain skill
set (they can learn and advance in ANY skills they want (more slowly if it's
not a guild or general skill), but to advance in thier profession (ie: reach
the next rank or "CIRCLE", they need to reach certain points on specific
skills for thier guild).

If anyone comes up with a code basis for this, please let me know  :)

However, I don't think any "mechanics" in any game will help RP in many ways.
  RP is putting the SOCIALS and ACT commands to extreme use along with the
interaction between PC and NPC.  Anyone can do ZORK, there is no RP in it.
 Put a group of people together and and watch the interaction...  Do they RP
the enviroment? (Shiver when it says it is snowing, complain when it says
they are hungry?  Complain when the thief takes too long to pop the lock on a
door?)  That is role playing and the only thing that can encourage that is
the Gods enviroment/encouragement and acting classes :D


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