Re: [Circle] Player killing areas

From: Frag (
Date: 08/27/96

Ok this is one simple way.. Ill asume You are familiar with the code.

Ok make a room flag sauck as ROOM_PK

Now what you will need to do is add into all the "check killer" routines
something like, if is in PK room then dont flag as killer
(write a simple macro such as IN_PK)

Now this will allow plaers to kill other players without getting KIller flag.

To add in the "leaving/entering" msg just go to act.movement.c in do_move
ie say IF_PK then send to char you are entering or leaving etc etc.. just 
mess abiut there

Now a warning, make sure you modify the EXP sys otherwise players will
be ganing ludicrus amounts of exp..


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