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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 08/27/96

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, Linebacker wrote:

> a pentium pro running Linux? Will a regular copy of
> Slakware 3.0 or RH run with no probs? Or is there a
> version made specifically for the Pent Pro?

Well, I can't say I've run it on a PPro, not on a dual-processor suystem,
but as far as I'm informed the linux 2.x.x kernels have the support for
both Ppro mashines and dual proccessor architecture, to supports it you
have to compile a kernel and probably use a lot of time sorting stuff out,
but I think you will be able to make it run quite reasonable after a day
or so playing with the different processor options/driver stuff and so
on.. Considering you can get it for free I would say it's worth it, but
ofcourse Solaris is probably a more reliable system if it first your

> NT at the moment. (I wanted to stay connected to the
> T-3 on campus, so I am limited to grad machines)

YUCK! Don't mention anything that fast, makes me drool all over the screen
here *cackle* Did you mention anything about beeing connected to the main
server on the T3 with a 29k8 modem ?? (I hope, then I won't have to drool

Try out Linux first..current version is 2.0.14 I beleave. If it doesnt
work, go for the solaris solution... free software rules though *grin*


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