From: Jonathan Blackhawke (
Date: 10/08/96

> Some questions about OLC:
> What do the following mob edit options do:
> Numdamdice, Numhpdice, Sizedamdice, Sizehpdice

Numdamdice and Sizedamdice go together.  it's like the 3d6 (# of dice, d,
Size of dice -- or in laymans terms, you roll 3-six sided die and add them
together getting a result from 3 to 18).  Numhpdice and Sizehpdice go
together also and is like above.

> What do the following room edit options do:
> Tunnel, House, Hcrsh, Atrium, Olc, *

Tunnel is where you make a room to allow only one character at a time (like
a small tunnel).  House is a player/god house tag.  I do not know of the
others though.  The documentation for CircleMUD should explain them if they
are implimented yet.

> And how do you go about deleting zones and/or deleting rooms out of a
> ..thanks later

I know not of a way to do this on-line.  I only do so off-line.  :)

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