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From: Allen Miles (datastorm@geocities.com)
Date: 10/14/96

Hi there, I suppose I would be considered a newbie programmer.  I have a
few questions:

1.  I have made a Paladin class and am working on Anti-Paladin's and
Bard's.  My question is: how can I make it so that if a Paladin is not
of good align, he/she loses the ability to cast spells and use skills?

2.  I have attempted to patch my code with the mobprograms patch from
the circlemud ftp site many times but I always get tons of errors.  i
was wondering if someone has a patched version of the patch.

3.  I also have implamented races but i cannot get classes to be race
restricted.  I have looked at two people's codes and mine looks similar
but it doesn't work.

If anyone would be kind enough to take the time to look at my code, I
will be more than happy to email my source files.

<*-Allen Miles-*>

Visit my home page :)
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