Re: [Offtopic] Are you a roleplayer? Funn
Date: 10/16/96

TY>Perhaps someone should make one, or get ahold of one then put it on the
TY>snippets page for everyone to use, I have seen them before on some muds.  I
TY>think this would be a great idea, the last thing we want is to be slapped fo
TY>freakin' lawsuit, jeez, most of us run these muds outta our own pocket!

The sad need for such 'coverage' is sickening to me, as I am sure it is
sickening to many of you. However would it be possible to just add
something like this in the next patchlevel?? That way, the Circle
community as a whole could be protected by default?

Jeremy? Is this too silly to bother with, or does it look like something
that could be done pretty easily?

--Ziz, NetShamen

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