Re: [NEWBIE]Patching (Having problems with it)

From: Stefan Jakobsson (
Date: 10/27/96

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996, Dragon wrote:
> However, I am REALLY confused when it comes to patches.  I get 'hunk errors'
> alot, and I belived this is do to the fact that most patches are configured
> for stock circle.  My question is, how do i read a patch file's format so i
> can manually add the code myself.  Or rather how can I make the patch work
> with my copy (which has been edited alot).  Thanks for any help!

When you apply a patch, everything that is NOT patched correctly ends up 
in the source dir with a file ending of .rej so just do an ls *.rej, then 
look at all of those files, there is what you have to patch manually and 
also in what files you have to do it, since the reject files get tha same 
name as the file they tried to patch.

So a failed patch for comm.c is saved in comm.c.rej

reg, Stefan (aka Slite)
PhoneyMud IMP

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