Re: [PATCHES]tfiles-editor.patch

From: Michael Scott (
Date: 10/28/96

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:

> Does the tfiles patch give me eroors due to the code entered by oasis?  Are
> there any plans to fix the tfiles patch for olc if necessary?  I am sorry to
> ask about patches, but some are awefully useful.  BTW, thanks a million for
> making the improved editor!  I LOVED IT!
> Nicholas Wourms 8^)

	Umm, I really don't get what your asking (or saying?)  The tfiles 
patch is really NOT based on any olc, you should be able to add it into a 
stock circle without any.  The only requirement for it, is that the 
improved_edit patch be installed on the mud, (for the obvious reasons 
that the tfiles patch would be really lame without a decent editor)
	Really all the tfiles patch does is add a tedit command with which you 
can edit the various 'text files' of the mud (motd, imotd, news, info, 
etc..)  Probably the smallest patch I've done so far.

	Let me know if you have a problem applying it.  (And of course 
mention the specifics of your system.. what patches you've applied .. how 
modified etc.)

                      Michael Scott -- "Living in the Eye of the Hurricane."

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