Linked List Format Prototypes/Rooms

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 10/29/96

It has been my impression that at least some people on the list have 
switched there formats from arrays to linked lists.  I am interested in 
doing this but frankly I am too lazy, well actually that is not true but 
half the people will assume that anyway so I may as well help make fun 
of myself.  I understand the current array system and I understand linked 
lists, but I really have no idea where to start to start changing.  I 
don't need a walk through but an outline would be nice.  Like main 
functions that need to be altered, macros that need to be changed etc.
If anyone would be willing to write a primer on doing the conversion I, 
and I am sure many others, would be very grateful.  Sorry if this doesn't 
make too much sense it is _VERY_ late here (early?) and I should really go
get some sleep =)


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