How to dupe eq cookbook part 2

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 10/29/96

   Okies, here is the continuing chapters of my cookbook.

1/  Again, save the char with all the eq you want to dupe, then transfer
all that eq to a new char and save the new char.
Buy thousands of breads (I'm sure you can afford it since they are cheap)
and drop them on the ground.  Type look, and if you get the warning :-
*** OVERFLOW ERROR *** then you are getting close to the mark.
Now buy MORE breads until you think you have enough *grin*
Alias the following :-
  alias tt look; look; look; look; look; look
and now, using a mud client, have several chars in the same room and
type #all #100 tt
This should lag the mud tremendously, especially if you have more chars
in the same room, and if you lag it enough, it autokills.

Yes, yes, I hear you say that this method sounds similar to my previous 
method by trying to lag the mud, which I sincerely feel is the BIGGEST
weakness of circlemud..hmm..I really dont know much about other mud codes

1/ Code multiple objects so it will show [2000] breads - this will
prevent overflowing the buf.  Dont ask me for a patch, I hate doing
patches (well, actually, I dont know much about the diff command), but
I heard there is a patch on the snippet, so find it there I guess.
Basically, The Dark Realms coders use original code.

2/ As previously suggested, prevent the same command going through, but
there is a weakness to that...what if the alias is actually
  alias tt look;bounce;look;bounce;look
Then your checks for the same command doesnt really work??
Anyways, I have my own system BUT please do not ask me how I did it 
because I do not want anyone else to know about it just in case they
find out a way to circumvent it (which, fortunately, the crashers have
been unable to do).

Okies, thats enough for now.  I will list more in the future - there
is one nasty one which I havent been able to work out yet because
it affects player stats :((  We get really persistent mudders on
Dark Realms *grin*  Oh well, it helps keep us on our toes I guess.

Horus,  Dark Realms ---> 5000

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