[Circle] Class strategy

Date: 11/05/96

I was a god on a well-developed mud for some time.  This mud had 10 races 
and 11 classes with about 55 allowable combinations of the two.   I went 
thru the player file and looked at the popularity of the various class 
combinations for players who had reached 10+ level (out of 100), giving me 
about 200 players in my sample.  I found that 10 combinations of classes 
and races accounted for over 95% of the players.  (Something like 20 
combinations were not used by anyone). Now that I am working on my own mud, 
it seemed to me that instead of coding in races as a thing separate from 
classes, why not just add in the popular combinations (or facsimiles 
thereof) as classes?  Anyone here have experience with a similar approach?

On another topic.  I've been having discussions with players on things they 
would like to see.  The gist of what they want is to have more hydrid 
classes where a player can do it all (fight, cast spells, do thief stuff).  
It seems to me that such hydrid classes take away from he "pure" classes 
(fighters, mages, thieves) that specialize in one aspect of the game.  If 
this is the general trend in hack'n'slash mudding then the end result would 
be a single class and a single race.  Have other imps/admins seen this 
trend in their muds or others they frequent?  

The approach I favor is strict separation of class functions so that the 
playing experience for different classes is very different.  Different 
classes would use different strategies to gain exp and use different eq. Am 
I bucking a trend here and so am doomed to failure?
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