Date: 11/05/96

I have been playing around with the pusle settings in
structs.h a bit and was wondering if their is any 
possible problems I need to watch out for.

I have changed pulse_zone and pulse_mobile to 5 rel_secs
and have experimented with other settings as well, I just
did not test each setting too thoroughly. Can I get these
settings out of balance and really screw things up?

It seems to work now, but once I have players on who knows.
(the last time I thought I had stuff working right before
I opened, I wound up with a disaster)

Anyways, if anyone knows of potential problems while tweaking 
these settings please let me know.


btw: My main purpose to this is to make agg mobiles attack
players more quickly upon contact. Is there any other ways
of doing this (besides mprogs)?

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