Re[2]: [Circle] Newbie? Hardly.

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/05/96

Travis Oakley <> wrote: [Tue, 5 Nov 1996 07:08:37 -0500 (EST)]

>  i have a hard time believing this, since all you have to do for a morgue 
>  is add the room and at most 3 lines of code

Hear hear!!

>  On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, BlackWind wrote:
>  > I'm hardly a newbie, don't fuck around and start wise cracking your
>  > mouth at me, I've added plenty of things ON my own.  The reason I ask
>  > for these things, is I've seen how they work, and cannot copy the format
>  > exactly, when I find something like this, I don't wanna waste my time
>  > and make one of my own, cause it's a royal pain in the ass, Am I right?
>  > Maybe if circlemud were in C++ I wouldn't mind as much, but C is too
>  > damn long, and too damn buggy.

1) The language you used hardly increases your credibility in my mind.
2) C is buggy? Hmm. Can't say much to that except you are in need of a
3) Waste your time on mud coding? hmm. I guess another clue is in order,
not to mention a realignment of your priorities.. You decided to put up
a mud, and rather than complaining about having to code something simple,
why not figure it out yourself, test it and sit back with the sense of
accomplishment a good job well done gives.. 
4) Royal Pain in the ...? Sounds to me like you should pack up your mud
and maybe find something less stressful.

>  > 
>  >  So, do NOT tell me I am a newbie, and give me some half ass lecture
>  > about getting a programming book, If you think me ASKING for this help
>  > is annoying, then tell me so.  But I thought that was what this mailing
>  > list was for.....Now, a DECENT reply to my question please, don't waste
>  > my time with this kind of crock of shit.

1) Programming Book -- Readers are leaders.. Maybe you want to stop
2) ASKING isn't annoying.. Your attitude, however, is annoying to me.
3) Here's a DECENT reply:

To add a morgue:

 Create a room.
 Create a #define for the room's VNUM. (call it ROOM_MORGUE_VNUM)
 In  make_corpse change the obj_to_room(corpse, ch->in_room) to:
     obj_to_room(corpse, ch->in_room);
     obj_to_room(corpse, real_room(ROOM_MORGUE_VNUM);

Now all you have to do is make a couple attendants to pick all
the junk up when players don't bother to get their corpses' eq and
to make things a bit more fun, players attempting to loot other people's
corpses could trigger one of the attendants into action :-)


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