[Circle] save_char

From: M.A.Clubine (maclubin@adala.smith.cis.syr.edu)
Date: 11/08/96

Ok, this is a question that I have gone over quit a few times and I can't 
seem to figure out.  In my mud when you type quit it takes you to the 
menu.  If you type 0 it disconnects you.  If you then reconnect and login 
it will load you where you left.  If you type 1 instead of 0, it will 
take you to where you last loaded, instead of where you quit.

I am calling save_char in do_quit before it closes the connection, so I 
dug through the do_quit quit code and tried to add a 

 GET_LOADROOM(ch) = ((ch)->in_room);

after save_char, but shouldn't it be doing that in save_char anyways?
This is what I was able to dig out of the save_char function.

  if (load_room == NOWHERE)
    st.player_specials_saved.load_room = NOWHERE;
    st.player_specials_saved.load_room = world[load_room].number;

I dont understand why it works if you close the connection all together, 
but not if you relogin.  Anyone have any suggestions on this one?

Monroe - Eternal

p.s. let me know if what I just wrote makes no sense and I will try to 
explain it a different way.  I hope that enough people are still reading 
this list, so that when finally I need to use it for the correct purpose, 
I can get a helping hand.

p.s.s. to the person about the oasis, install oasis, install races then grep 
through the oasis files see how they call those flags and install the new 
flags in the same fashion.

   ._ o  
  /  //\.  Michael A. Clubine   (maclubin@syr.edu)
 '  \>> |    E t e r n a l     (smith.syr.edu 4000)
     \\ '         http://borogove.syr.edu/

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