[Circle] [NEWBIE] Levels

From: Todd Hamilton Richert (3i42bzz@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu)
Date: 11/10/96

Hrm has anyone gotten new levels successfuly added to the circle30bpl11
stock code?  I dont mean having them and upgrading but starting fresh with
the p11 code and getting more levels to work?  Because I have done
precisely what the levels.doc tells me to and i just get tons of errors.
One person told me this

>Yes, I have isolated this problem to be due to the tfiles_edit.patch.
>Please mail M Scott about this error.  aparrently there is a problem is
>do_tedit, where declarations of level at which tfiles can be edited gets
>confused when you change the declarations in structs.h.
However M Scott has not replied to any of my messages... any ideas?


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