[ADMIN]Advertising and Gettting Off The Ground

From: Peter Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/01/96

Ok, after some fairly fun work and hacking i've hacked a good little
world.  I've dropped my web page url on altavista, yahoo, and
mudconnecter.  I feel that my world is ready for the public.  However...
I can't seem to get very many people to drop feedback, play, etc. 
Albeit i have only waited a week (:)) but, I wonder what i should do.
My log files say that around 30 or so newplayers have dropped in but
without anyone else on at the time the world seems kinda boring.  Any
ideas on how to get ppl to stay around/advertise.  Cuz, ppl are dropping
in they just look around, see no one on and disappear.  
any ideas/comments welcome.

*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* w0nderful *-=-* w0rld *-=-* 0f *-=-* wart *-=-=-=-=-*
Eudaemonia Mud: Port 4000
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