Re: [ADMIN]Advertising and Gettting Off The Ground

From: Wizard Productions (
Date: 12/01/96

Well I have done allot of advertising and such for MUDs MUSHs etc..  The
best way to get a nice group to show up is to use a gimmic.  Go onto as
many INTET BBS's as you can find (most of them have a MUDing section or
similar. )  And post an add for your board.  Then set a Grand Opening or
something similar date.  On that day offer something special like a free
eq kit or something like that, maybee even a large quest that is happening
for the opening day.  Also make sure in you advertisment that you offer
something that the other MUD's dont offer.  You need to have something
that will make your system more atractive than all the other hundreds of
MUD's.  Anyways ,good luck!

WIZARD PRODUCTIONS, Making The Majic In Movies...

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