Re: [ADMIN]Advertising and Gettting Off The Ground

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 12/01/96

I think mostly you need to encourage a few people to stay as players.
When we first started out, I put up the mud on the mud connector, and 
made 1 add to a net bbs.  I ended up treating the first players like 
kings.  Not loading them eq or things like that, but rather, listened to 
all their ideas, and actually implementing ones I liked right away.

Through this, the first players really liked AddictMUD, and in the 
begining, we had a low of lows of a playerbase (maybe 5 online at a time 
was considered amazing), and through word of mouth, we've grown a lot.  
We don't always treat the players like kings anymore, but we still try 
where we can, and are always helpful and willing to listen to players 
when they have a problem, even if it's just to explain that there's 
nothing we can do to help.

Word of mouth has worked great for us personally, peak times now are 40+ 
players online (we do allow multi's, but not too many people actally do 
use more then 1 character online).

umm... as usual, I guess there's no point to my email :P

Well, I guess it's to treat your players the best you can, especially 
when you only have 1 or 2 :)
They'll tell their friends, etc etc..

Brazil - Implementor if AddictMUD  4000       4000

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