From: Demetrius A. Comes (dcomes@gwis.com)
Date: 12/02/96

Hiya all,
	Myself and my fellow coder have just installed the easy color patch.  We would now like to make it so that only IMMORTS can use the color.  We have though of two possible ways.  One pass in the *ch to the write_to_output function then make a level check.  This options seems to get unwielding when we seen all the functions that call write_to_output.  The other options seems to be just as unwielding and is to make new god commands that are basically copies of the the functions needed to say, shout, echo, gecho ,ect. but have the send_to_q function call god_to_output which has the easy color ansi color code in it.  
IS there a easier way anyone can think of???
Thanks all

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