Re: Tanking Character

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 12/02/96

> G'day
> > Just what exactly *IS* tanking?
> 	This is the beauty of combat, if you can code it (which i have no idea
> unfortunatly, but will have to look into it).
> the TANK or tanking is the dude that is currently taking ALL THE HITS
> MOBS. That means that the person who is tank will suffer from all damage
> (unless it is a room / area effect spell) and that he is thus
> all the other members. 
> How the tank is determined in a group when a mob decides to attack a
> well .. I'm not sure .. Jeremy, Chris or Daniel? Any suggestions?
> Jussy
	ChuCHING! I love this! For starters certain things will shift a mobs
attention and make it attack other people in the group. (ie. bash, rescue,
ect..) this way you can time certain actions to shift the mobs attacks to
the strongest (most hp bundaant) person and then shift when necessary. This
brings to mind my most favorite move in a group. A bash takes 3 rounds (i
think) you get three people in a group. 1 bash, mob no attack, 2 bash mob
no attack, 3 bash mob no attack, <chuckle> 1 is ready to bash again.
<chuckle> i loved to do this ;) a little tacktick advice to help someone

	sorry couldn't resist :)

Christopher M. Ryan

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