From: Primacy (
Date: 12/02/96

I implemented an AFK on my is just a toggle on/off.  Also, I 
added a check to the make_prompt()  When you are afk you see this:

100hp 57m 243end AFK>

as opposed to:

100hp 57m 243end>

just to remind the player that they're afk - also adds a flag to the title
and whenever the player tries a tell, it tell thems they're afk - if a
different char. sends a tell to the AFK char. it will give them a message 
that so and so is afk...but the tell still goes through.  never know - 
they *might* be at keyboard.  If they don't want tells coming in...that's 
what notell is for :)

just a thought.

Justin = Primacy

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