Re: Tanking Character

From: Brian Guilbault (
Date: 12/03/96

Regarding tanking characters again:

I had to work late last night and didn't get to code it, but basically 
I'm just going to define *tank as FIGHTING(FIGHTING(ch)), add 
GET_NAME(tank) to the prompt, then display a message based upon his 
percentage of hit points. I'm sure I won't have a problem with it, as I 
coded mob cinditions in the prompt long ago. I realize that this can get 
ugly if two groups are in the same room fighting a mob, or the group 
isn't attacking the same mob, but I'm not looking to cover EVERY case, I 
just want to have a simple little routine which will work 90+ percent of 
the time and it seems that this will do the trick.

Regarding the afk thread. I just have a simple afk toggle which sets a 
flag in who and tells people telling the char that they are afk and might 
not get this. The tell still goes through though.

If any of you have ever seen Ebon Mists afk, you have seen an impressive 
command (grats Hades :-) ) You can specify an argument like "afk smoking 
a ciggarette". Then when someones tells to you, they see "Dante is afk 
smoking a ciggarette". Then when you come back and type something, you 
get a list page_string'd to you with all of the messages, who they were 
from, and what time they came through. Pretty impressive.


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