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From: Chris Ryan (
Date: 12/03/96

On 3 Dec 1996, Matthew Hartman wrote:

> I was calling the ISP's around here (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and the people are
> talking about charging me $150 to $350 dollars a month to let me run my mud on
> thier server. Can anyone give me some advice on how to run it from home, or a
> name of a service provider? I have a pent. 133 win95 willing to put linux on
> it.
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	I know a way so no one could bitch about anything you ran... It is
kinda expensive though.  You have to call around and find a service
provider who will let you have a dedicated 128 isdn. It would be alot of
money to start and a fair amount a month but the advantages...

1.) 24/7 access at one set fee
2.) your own machine to run the mud (and ANYTHING else you want.)
3.) the mud is in your house. (crash, bam and your there to fix it... if
your home ;)
4.) I'm running outa ideas.
5.) You can charge friends a few bucks a month to let them have web space
:) but be careful for irs and taxes.
6.) if you start a business you can write all the equipment and lines off
as a deductable... again be careful here too.

	The line cost depends on Service Provider, Cost for phone company
to lay line, monthly cost phone company for line. Make sure your phone
company has a flat rate for isdn if not you pay by the minute... very
expensive to be online all the time and defeats the purpose of dedicated

	In my area it is about 750 setup and a few hundred a month
depending on several variables. This is kinda steep but when it comes down
to it you have all your access and no one else to worry about for not much
more than you said above :)

Christopher M. Ryan

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