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From: raistlin (
Date: 12/03/96

> 	I suggest you pick up "Teach yourself C in 21 days" and then spend
> 21 days learning C. On the 22nd day, attempt to make these commands again.
> If that fails, pick up something like 'Datastructures in C' and then spend
> however many days learning data structures. Afterwards attempt to make these
> commands again. If that fails, pick up an application to the closest
> college that offers a Computer Science degree and pursue onwards. Somewhere
> within the timespan of earning your degree, you should have mastered
> everything that is needed to 'make these commands'. If that fails, then
> I highly doubt you will even earn your degree in Computer Science and will be
> several thousands in debt, at which point the 'make these commands' will
> be moot anyways.
Was that helpful?  or just stupid?

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