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From: raistlin (
Date: 12/03/96

> I was calling the ISP's around here (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and the people
> talking about charging me $150 to $350 dollars a month to let me run my mud
> thier server. Can anyone give me some advice on how to run it from home, or a
> name of a service provider? I have a pent. 133 win95 willing to put linux on
> it.
Well you could run it on a T1 at home, but that would cost you way too much,
but would be nice :), you could run it on a ISDN line at home, which would cost
you about 300+ for the modem depending on brand, 50+ a month for the phone line
and anywhere between 60-200 dollars a month for the 24 hour ISDN account thru
your ISP.  Or you could just run it on a 28.8 line and be up only when your
online, and be laughed at :).  Just some rough ideas for what your talking
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