Tanking and formation code

From: Scoob (BARTONJD@ed.concord.wvnet.edu)
Date: 12/04/96

In stock, you have one leader and a tank, everyone else is 
considered to be "following".  I want to modify that slightly, and am 
looking for input outside my local help.  Realizing that this is 
probably rather complex code, I've seen a group command (Ala' 
Medievia, alas) that allowed groups of no more then 9, but were in a 
3x3 grid, where the front row, (or if no one in front row, second 
row) were tanks and recieved, presumably, an exp bonus.  Second row 
recieved some damage and recieved exp at normal split, but would 
change position with front row according to some commands (ie- bash). 
Back row received little or no damage, except from aggro's and 
thieves bs and PK, usually magic users in back row.  The leader could 
switch players positions around and view the grid in a tic-tac-toe 
format, showing the players name and position.  

Could anyone even begin to explain this concept to me?  Mailing 
directly to me is preffered, especially flames, (or delete most of 
this if you reply to list as it's more lengthy then I intended...)

Thanks all!     

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