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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/04/96

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Gary Barnett wrote:

> >Not really.  I did the same thing a long time ago (Nov. 1995 I guess).
> >It's actually quite easy. :)
> Well as a pure usability addition, with no 'gaming' value; It's nice to 
> see such a well executed idea. It is impressive in that regard, if not from
> a coding difficulty standpoint. (two pointers on each char I presume..
> malloced to fit and destroyed when done; which are used when a prf_flag is
> toggled, and for reporting purposes. (who, tell-reply))
> Hmm. I may just add that.. thanks for the idea. *grin*

I'm quite aware of the difference between non-gaming concepts and gaming

You can use it for anything.  After trying a few methods I decided upon
another linked list.  I had one of them and several types of messages that
could be saved (but only permitted a maximum 20 of each type).  Then when
someone came back from AFK they could type "replay say" and get back all
the says they missed while AFK, or "replay shout" and get back all the
shouts.  Although it would have been quite possible to do it the way
you state above with the same underlying flexibility, too.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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