Re: strange bug

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 12/04/96

>>>>> "Berzerk" == berzerk  <> writes:

 Berzerk> here is a small command that acts really wierd:
 Berzerk> ACMD(do_pk)
 Berzerk> {
 Berzerk>   one_argument(argument, buf);

 Berzerk>   log("buf in do_pk = '%s'", buf);
 Berzerk> }

 Berzerk> when I use it in the game I get these results

 Berzerk> >pk off
 Berzerk>   Wed Dec 4 16:38:42 :: buf in do_pk = 'off'
 Berzerk> >pk on
 Berzerk>   Wed Dec 4 16:38:56 :: buf in do_pk = ''

 Berzerk> Why dont I get do_pk = 'on' ??

Well that's exactly what one_argument() is for: ignoring fill words,
i.e. "in", "from", "with", "the", "on", "at", "to".

You'd rather use any_one_arg() here.

BTW, are you sure your time zone is correct? ;-)

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