From: Gabriel (ngray@fortnet.org)
Date: 12/06/96

I just wrote a command that equips newbies when they enter the game.
At the end of the function, I have something like this :

  send_to_char("Your pack feels heavier.\r\n, victim);
  send_to_char("You hear a sudden rushing noise in your head.  It seems to 
                say, 'Be careful here!'\r\n", victim);
  send_to_char("The noise fades away.\r\n", victim);

I want to have a delay in between each of those sends.  I grep'd the source
for references, but couldn't come up with any.  WAIT_STATE doesnt work, it 
just prevents the victim from doing anything.  Can anyone shed some light 
on my problem?

        Thanks in advance,


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