From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 12/06/96

>   send_to_char("Your pack feels heavier.\r\n, victim);
>   send_to_char("You hear a sudden rushing noise in your head.  It seems to 
>                 say, 'Be careful here!'\r\n", victim);
>   send_to_char("The noise fades away.\r\n", victim);
> I want to have a delay in between each of those sends.  I grep'd the source
> for references, but couldn't come up with any.  WAIT_STATE doesnt work, it 
> just prevents the victim from doing anything.  Can anyone shed some light 
> on my problem?

A MUD is a multitasking beast. It loops htrough checking for new
connections, checking or dropped connections, checking for input for
players, checking for output that needs to be sent to players, echcking
mobs and objects for specials, 10 times a second in a nice tight loop.

You cannot puase the entire mud in the middle of sending one person
output, without pausing the entire mud, meaning noone can type, noone can
login, battles freeze in place.

To accomplish this youd need to have the same function get called a few
times, using a static variable to keep track of where you are, or add a
few more CON states to nanny in interpreter.c

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