Re: [The Nexus] Now taking Staff applications for roleplaying MUD

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 12/07/96

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996, John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. wrote:

> No, but I ain't gonna have a half-assed MUD like every other 15 year old 
> chump with a shell either.  Nor am I gonna take any chump off the street 
> with a keyboard to help.

But you have to admit that you are behaving like a chump replying that
mail and including *absolutely* everything from the previous post.

We are in the same list, we all read the same messages, if we want to
follow a thread only the relevant parts will suffice (in this case the
line by John and maybe a snippet of your own message), if we don't follow
a thread we will delete or ignore all message with related subjects, but
including everything, all the way down to intermeditate lines, signatures
and aside comments just shows you replied out of pure anger (hit R, write
something 'witty', send) and will make you lose credibility and ground. 

BTW, this goes also to John...


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