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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 12/07/96

On 7 Dec 1996, Adam Befeler wrote:

> I was wondering how to create the item type flag in Circle 3.0, "Magic" and
> "Regen", so that when can have a pair of boots that when I type "use boots"
> casts levitate on me for a while, and after it is casts the spell will regen
> so that by the time the spell has worn off it will have regenerated, and
> there is infinity charges of the spell on the boots???

Maybe you are complicating things up, why don't you put in a code to make
the boots affect a bit in which the player is always levitating, without
the hassle of spells.

if you already have a position for levitation you could have an affect bit
on the boots so anyone that wear them is levitating, the same way you can
set affection bits to have rings that make you invisible.

BTW, this is not into stock circle, you have to code affection bits in
objects yourself, there is a snippet in the snippets page, check the link
below my sig.

OTOH, you could create a new ITEM_TYPE of class, say, PLANE, or something
like that, in the same way there is one now called BOAT, and then you
could make your boots the same way right now there are boots that let you
walk in the water.


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