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From: Scott Burns (
Date: 12/07/96

I like this Idea of John's. as a matter of fact I was setting my site up
with roleplaying as well.  I don't think I would have though of doing
interviews, But I do know that I was going to put people through a test
to see if they were good roleplayers as well as good imm. I don't what
the same old thing that everyone else had. I would at least like to see
the site to see how it works out. Give him a chanch at least. If you
want some good people you need to look for them. You just can't take
every Joe on the street ya they may say they are good. but what happends
when you get them on then they are not doing what you want to see
happen? You have to eather keep them because you got them working now or
you lose them and maybe alot more people because they see that if a imm
can lose what they have what is to say that When they get imm they will
not lost what they have earned.

John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. wrote:

> I am doing something with Circle that I have not seen done before, ie
> RolePlaying, that in and of itself requires organization, I don't plan to
> run it like the military, in fact, I plan to be pretty flexible, but I
> want to be sure shit gets done, is that so wrong?
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