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From: Sammy (
Date: 12/08/96

On 6 Dec 1996, Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX wrote:

- I have put in the little snippet for a 'players' command, real simple, but when 
- I type players it crashes this mud everytime, and when I did a backtrace, it 
- said it was stopping in spell_info[], so, then I proceeded to put send_to_char 
- in the do_players function, and found out it never even got to the function 
- before it crashed.  

The info you're getting may be misleading.  The send_to_char() function
doesn't output to the character right away, but instead copies it to the
character's output queue to be sent later.  So if your function crashes,
send_to_char() output from that function will never be seen.  If you
really need immediate debugging output you can use printf() to send to the
terminal or window that started circle, or log() to output to the syslog.

Even better would be to get a little more intimate with your debugger.  If
you're using gdb, you can set breakpoints at your function.  I think you'd
type "break my_func" to stop at the function my_func().  When it breaks,
use "step" to step through the code line by line and "print" relevant
variables to make sure they're doing what they should be.

- 2nd question, prolly related to the first, I have installed the new improved 
- editor, and I have obuild installed, now I understand that the editor alloc's 
- memory when you edit something.  so, everytime I or any of my builders tries to 
- edit room desc it crashes, so, then I went in and looked at, and 
- took out some of the 'free' functions, now it only crashes every once in 
- awhile, I know it has to do with freeing memory and such, has anyone been 
- sucessful in making the editor and obuild work together?

This is probably unrelated.  I'm aware of the problems with obuild and
improved_edit, and fixing them are very high on my todo list, but it may
be a couple of weeks before I get it straightened out.


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