2 questions

From: Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX (Tyler_Wilhite@clr.com)
Date: 12/06/96

I have put in the little snippet for a 'players' command, real simple, but when 
I type players it crashes this mud everytime, and when I did a backtrace, it 
said it was stopping in spell_info[], so, then I proceeded to put send_to_char 
in the do_players function, and found out it never even got to the function 
before it crashed.  

2nd question, prolly related to the first, I have installed the new improved 
editor, and I have obuild installed, now I understand that the editor alloc's 
memory when you edit something.  so, everytime I or any of my builders tries to 
edit room desc it crashes, so, then I went in and looked at act.build.c, and 
took out some of the 'free' functions, now it only crashes every once in 
awhile, I know it has to do with freeing memory and such, has anyone been 
sucessful in making the editor and obuild work together?

Believe me, I have spent hours trying to make this work, and debugging, using 
gdb and such.. sorry, I couldn't give a core dump, but I think the info I gave 
is sufficient, if it isn't, I can always give more.


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