Mob Progs and win95?

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 12/08/96

G'day all.
	Is there a further patch (or has anyone done this) so that the mob prog
patch can work under win95?
Currently, it can't. After manually patching it, i compiled it and there
were lots of errors straight away. I checked the first one and it complaned
about socket_t in the desriptior struct. I didn't even touch this file. So,
i checked the mobprog files (the new ones) and low and behond, they require
<sys/time> or one of those funny ones. Anyways, I didn't bother going
through the entire patch after that to find all the places it uses Unix
commands ... (sigh). So, if i'm wrong and i CAN run under win95, then
please tell me, or if i'm right (wimper) then any ideas anyone?

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