Re: Mob Progs and win95?

From: Chris Ryan (
Date: 12/09/96

> G'day all.
> 	Is there a further patch (or has anyone done this) so that the mob prog
> patch can work under win95?
> Currently, it can't. After manually patching it, i compiled it and there
> were lots of errors straight away. I checked the first one and it complaned
> about socket_t in the desriptior struct. I didn't even touch this file. So,
> i checked the mobprog files (the new ones) and low and behond, they require
> <sys/time> or one of those funny ones. Anyways, I didn't bother going
> through the entire patch after that to find all the places it uses Unix
> commands ... (sigh). So, if i'm wrong and i CAN run under win95, then
> please tell me, or if i'm right (wimper) then any ideas anyone?
> Jus

	Hello. Look in your socket documentation for the header files and
stuff there are like 5 of them that winsock.h replaces the sys/time is one
of the i belive. You also want to add the sysdep.h and the config.h header
files above and copy the general format that other files have for the
defining of header files. Most of the errors probably came from the lack
of portability programmed into the patch. Like I siad look at your source
code and then make the mob patch look like that in defing ing the header
files. Have fun.

Chris Ryan

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