Re: [NEWBIE CODE] Auction bug

From: Mym (
Date: 12/09/96

> It is not exactly a bug, but rather the lack of a check...
> If a user auctions something and he drops it the auction code will not
> check for it and the mud will crash, it they change what they are auction
> the same will happen.

  If I remember right, there was a nice comment in the code about this.  The
coder left it up to you to put whatever checks in that you wanted.  I added
this little snippet and had to add a few checks.  Ie:  After someone bids, then
gives their gold away, how should the auction deal with this?  Or, in your
case, if the seller drops or does something with the item.  Here's what
I did... When a person offers something for auction, I take the item away
from him.  This prevents your dropping problem.  As for the gold, if someone
wants to bid on something and then give his gold away or something, I could
care less.  I let his gold-on-hand drop to negative.  Once I think of a way
they could abuse this, I'll change it.  One thing you also need to check is
whether the seller and bidder are still in the game.  On my mud, I just won't
let them quit while they are auctioning.
  Basically, though, the person who created the snippet left all these checks
up to you.

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