Re: [NEWBIE CODE] Auction bug

From: George (
Date: 12/09/96

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Mym wrote:

>  Basically, though, the person who created the snippet left all these checks
>up to you.

Right on target, the whole message.  Although right now I'm pondering
putting up my newest version of it with:
a) Item queueing up to any arbitrary limit (or memory)
b) Bidding on any item on the block
c) Notification if someone outbids you
d) 2x your bid penalty for giving away the item, auction aborted
e) if selling, the current bid in penalty for giving item away
f) automatic restart of auction if highest bidder left, thought
   about loading their pfile entry and docking them but didn't
g) Bidding on items by name or number
h) Listing of all items currently up for bid
i) Mobile auctioneer, or auctioneeress in my case
j) If auctioneer dies, auctions are stalled

Probably upload it after I make it into a C++ class :)
but based on what I've listed here you all can probably make a good
appoximation of what I have.  Key part is to dynamically allocate
the auction_data's, and change the auction_data's into a pointer,
and a struct auction_data *next helps too.  Be interested in what
someone else comes up with using those ideas so send me a copy if
you want, bet we could both learn something :)

George Greer	Student Systems Co-Administrator of Dragon
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handicapped.                -- Elbert Hubbard

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