[LINUX] Problem

From: Mym the Incarnation of War (mym@cow.pasture.com)
Date: 12/10/96

upgraded from Red Hat Linux 3.3 to Red Hat Linux 4.0.  Since then, my
mud has been crashing a lot in olc.  Code was not changed.  The only thing
that changed was the system.  I've narrowed the problem down to the
exact function calls that are crashing it.  In each of the 
?edit_save_internally functions, free(whatever) is causing the crash.  I can
comment out this and it won't crash, but that's a bad line to comment out
if you know anything about coding.  Free() is a library function and nothing
I can mess with.  Anyone ever heard of anything like this or have any ideas
that I can try?  I've tried a complete recompile and ran configure again.  All
this with no luck.  Now I turn to my fellow admins.

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