Re: Fake E-mail

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 12/11/96

This is a atypical forged e-mail (
> Well, I've been watching the list for awhile now. . .let's see if you
> can trace this e-mail message.  Point made.

Yes, you've proven your point(s):

  - You are just so elite.  We'll never figure out which Mac II that
    message came from unless I walk down the street and enter the lab.

  - This impressive display of maturity clearly demonstrates what     
    players and admins can expect from "Nexus MUD".  I seem to recall
    "Nexus MUD" wasn't accepting any "15 yo chumps"... apparently,
    18-22 yo chumps are welcome there.

  - Once again, we see that it is possible to annoy someone providing
    a free service (e.g. a mailing list or MUD) so much that he wants
    to shut it down.  Personally, I'd just kick off the people who were
    annoying me, but I guess Alex is too fair-minded for that.

Go away, John.

-- Jack
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