Re: [Bug] Bug in corpse handling/Janitors?

From: Alvoria MUD (
Date: 12/11/96

Oh... This reminds me... there's kindof a bug in stock circle... Attack a
mob until he's incapacitated or mortally wounded, and immediately move 
him/her/it into a peaceful room... Then wait for it to die... :P (which
never happens :) )

The fix? Well, it's kindof up to how you want to handle it... the actions
that allow the mob/player to die while incapacitated or mortally wounded
is just a damage() call where the victim and the damager are the same
person (in this case the person who's incap./mort. wounded). You can put
something along with the peaceful room check to allow the damage to happen
if the victim and damager are both the same, but I think there are a lot
more inconsistencies possibly opened up (still trying to track all of them
down...) and so you may also want to restrict it to damage being only of
TYPE_SUFFERING (and possibly SPELL_POISON, look in limits.c and decide
for yourself ; damage() is in fight.c ).

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