From: pjh (wart@trilidun.kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/11/96

WEll hello all again.  OasisOLC the new one with the improved editor patch
and all that junk is finally put in after a painful manual affair.  I dont
think i missed much more :).  If anyone knows of bugs/fixes in oasisolc
then lemme know.  Please!  
	Ok now my problem:

	I installed OBJSAVE.C from ftp site for saving objects.  And guess
what ... it crashes the mud when i do a save or a quit.  Sooo.  Any ideas?
i followed the readme to a key.  I cat OBJSAVE.C (from ftp site) >>
/mud/src/objsave.c when it said append objsave.c to objsave.c and then
went in and did the other files.  Any one under similar circumstances with
that particular snippet?  If you want more info PLZ ask!  Thanks in

*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* w0nderful *-=-* w0rld *-=-* 0f *-=-* wart *-=-=-=-=-*
Eudaemonia Mud: Port 4000

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