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From: Mym the Incarnation of War (
Date: 12/12/96

> just wondering, has anyone added mobprog capabilities to olc ?
> just wondering, if anyone has made oasis able to edit mobprogs, or even
> just save them without editing features, could they be so kind as to share
> their code? i have mobprogs working, but most of my builders build offline,
> and i dont want to lose all the progs when someone edits a mob...

  If I remember right, there is a patch on the ftp site which will allow your
mob_progs to be saved with olc.  You won't be able to edit them, but at least
you won't lose them.  I've added the editing ability on my mud in olc, but
I am never happy with my code and still need to edit it more.  Just hop onto
the ftp site and grab that patch.  I'd tell ya what it is but I don't remember.

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