Re: [CIRCLE] Immature

From: mike a dunston (
Date: 12/12/96

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:38:37 -0500 "Dan Johnson"
<> writes:
>On 11 Dec 96 at 15:11, Matt E Graham wrote:
>> I've been on this list for 2 weeks and I am leaving.  You people are
>> acting immature.  I'm 16 and I act more responsible and mature than 
>> you people.  My suggestion to you all is to use the list to discuss
>> CircleMUD
>> problems, or get off.  If I was the man in charge for this thing, I 
>> be 
>> imbarrased. <----Yeah, Mature and he can spell, too!
Hey at least he tried i usually dont even bother to fix spelling errors
anymore, bcuz i do soo much typing at work and other things...

Mike Dunston
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