Medit with Oasis, small question
Date: 12/12/96

I am using the lastest version of Oasis fromthe circle site
on pl11.

Wehn using the medit function, the mud crashes on some mobs
and not on others. I am sure it is some of my modifief code
doing this but what?

Here is some stats on a mob that crashes the game witrh medit:

Mob Vnum: 3092
Level: 86
Hit Points: 6501
Armor Class: -400
Hitroll: 23
Damroll: 16

He also has some of my personally designed flags set on him
such as !trip, !gate, magic_weap_only.

Does anyone know what could be causing these crashes? A joe
basic mob with level < 30 and no flags and such will edit fine.

Thanks in advance,


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