[CODE] Oasis OLC and zedit

From: Peter Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/12/96

hope i aint duping a request but i ddint see my question echo back so
here it is again.
i installed (mnually) oasisolc patch.new with the improved editor
recently to an already somewhat hacked mud (aka the snippits some of em)
and have been noticing an increase in crashes in general but one very
routine crash:
wehenever i do a zedit new x
and tehn redit x
itll crash

any ideas?  is it in the patch to existing source or a oasis olc.c
file?  thanks for any any help and if you need info let me know.

Also do to crashes and teh like does anyone willing to share a
script/crontab entry on keeping the PID of autorun or circle up if it
goes down?  you know what i mean?  so that it watches the circle PID and
if it goes down itll run the mud again.

thanks for any and all help!
preciate it


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