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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 12/12/96

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Michael M. McLoughlin   wrote:

> you sure about any? I can't seem to get color in the prompt with the
> easy-color patch, I haven't tried the other one yet tho.

No, not any :P

There are a few situations where color isn't parsed.. the color is only
parsed when the output i sput through the buffers and the write_to_output
function if I remember correctly.
The prompt code uses write_to_descriptor() to output the stuff, and this
particulat function simply writes the text as it is DIRECTLY and
UNBUFFERED(I think) to the player in the other end (the socket). Thus to
enable color in the prompt code, you might want to parse the buffer with
the text created through the parse_color function (or whatever it's
called), and that way get the color codes interpreted/parsed, and THEN use
the write_to_descriptor function to keep things tidy, and at the same time
parse the colorcodes..

Mmmm, worked for me, but then again, I'm just a hacker *g*
I don't have the code handy, and it's 5am, so if what I'm writing is a tad
dim, thats the reason... it should give you an outline of what you need to
do to make it work though.


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