Moounts and more Mounts

From: The Dark One (
Date: 12/13/96

Okay gentlemen  (women?) talk to me about mounts...

a) Let me start with the prerequisit: could you post a snipit?

b) Okay a mount is a mob and not a special object

c) Advantage of mounts is that it can :
		1) Carry things for you
		2) Use ITS move points and not YOURS
                   when you mount and ride it.
                3) Gives an advantage in combat when
                   you are mouted, BUT can also get
                   damaged (killed?)

d) mount can get spooked in combat and run (with or without a rider)

e) can throw a rider

f) can be stolen (Theives skill "horse steal" :))

h) Are all of this items b-f feasible? practical?

i) if (!a) 
   send_to_char("Where would I begin?", victim);

Thanks for your time and consideration: 

The Dark One


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